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The Team

The Red Lens Films Productions team, passionate about film production and dedicated to capturing moments, takes pride in delivering services tailored to your needs.

The team’s discreet presence at your event allows you to make the most of your day and enjoy every precious moment with your loved ones. We seamlessly blend in, uninterruptedly filming treasured moments to be stitched together in a unique film production.

What differentiates our work is not only what takes place during the day of the event but most importantly what takes place behind the cameras. We film details which we orchestrate together fused with exclusive soundtracks to evoke emotion and portray memories which you will forever cherish. We carefully study your vision of your special day which we combine with our innovative insights to fulfill your aspirations for impeccable films.


Our basic principle and concern during the big day is the people and the memories. Every event is special to us thus with utmost respect to our clients and their specific wishes we let the day unfold and unravel the beautiful outcome which we capture through our lenses.

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