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What is the process of having a wedding film made for me?

First of all, we will be in contact and we will then arrange a meeting in person or via Skype. At the meeting we will discuss your vision for the day, your plans and anything that you want to share with us pertinent to your event. Communication with you is always encouraged by us since our team will play an important role in capturing memories for you to cherish for the years to come. After the meeting we will contact you again to confirm the final details. Then, our team will attend your event and film it without you having to stress about our presence there. Our job is to blend in and capture the little details that make your story uniquely beautiful. After the day of the event our team will work on editing your video - a process which entails studying the footages of the day and assembling them in a way that will narrate your story in a unique way. Four months after the filming of your event you will have your hands on your films.

How about payment? Do you need a booking fee? Is it refundable?

A booking fee is required for us in order to save the date for your event and it amounts to 30% of the full price, which is non-refundable. For the locals, the rest of the amount is due upon delivery. For non-locals and people who book us for budget weddings or hire us per hour, the full amount is due before the event or on the day of the event.

Do you offer discounts?

The work and the number of people that are involved in the production of a wedding film is immense. Thus, discount is not an option with us.

Can you travel anywhere in Cyprus or abroad to cover my event ?

We are delighted to capture people’s special moments and we can travel to anywhere in Cyprus or abroad to do so.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use mirrorless cameras which are exceptionally good quality photography style cameras. Our equipment is also restricted to minimum size so that we do not interfere with the events of the day. We are mere observers - as we let the story of your day progress without any disturbance, we document the details that capture its essence.  


Do we need to provide you with a meal?

We will be working hard on the day of the event and we will need to be present throughout your whole wedding day so as not to miss any special moment. For us to guarantee that no important memory will be lost we will need to stay within the premises of your wedding venue. Therefore, you will need to provide us with a meal.

Do you shoot alone or do you have an assistant or second shooter?

It depends on the package that you choose. You can find out more information after you check your date in the INQUIRE section and contact us. We will provide you with a link with all the relevant information.

What will be captured on video?

The content of the films depends on the package that you choose. You can find more information in the packages section.

How long does it take for you to deliver the final product?

The editing process is one of the most defining moments for your film and we strive to produce pieces that will withstand time. Therefore for us to guarantee the best possible result it would need up to four to five months.  

Do we get to choose our own music?

This option is not possible. The music which accompanies your video is copyrighted music which we buy especially for your film based on the tone and emotions that emerge from your day.

Can we give you our input during the editing process and review drafts?

That is not possible. The primary reason for which you will hire us is that you like our work and you would like our creative vision reflected into your film. That is what we intend to offer to you.

Do we get unlimited re-edit of our films if we want changes?

This option is not possible. Each one of the couples that we have worked with liked their unique wedding films and you can read all about it in the REVIEWS section on our website. So you can rest assured that you can trust us with your special memories.

In which form am I going to receive my final film and highlights film?

We deliver the final film and highlights video online, via a private link. When you follow the link you will be able to view the films and download them. Moreover, for an extra amount of money you could also have your films delivered on wooden usbs with your names engraved on them.

Will my film feature on your website?

Despite the fact that we hold the intellectual rights to the film, your potential wish to keep your film private is perfectly respectable. Only a few selected films are displayed on our website. The selection of films showcases an array of different styles, out of the many unique projects that the team has worked on.


Do you backup?

We backup the files for up to 6 months. After that we cannot guarantee their availability. The files take up lots of space so we cannot keep them. We suggest backing up the files yourselves.


Do you provide us with raw footage?

This option is not possible. This would be analogous to visiting a restaurant and ordering the ingredients instead of the delicious dish on the menu. We truly believe in delivering high - quality films and that entails not sharing the raw material of the day. If you decide to hire us, you will do so because you like the videos you have seen which is the final product of an extensive process. Good results take time and hard work. You should rest assured that having us on board means that you can rely on us.

How about photography? Will you provide us with that?

Unfortunately, we do not provide you with photography. Our area of expertise is filming and that is what we focus on. Nevertheless, we could recommend some great photographers whose work we are familiar with and with whom we have worked before.

“The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person.

You know they're right if you love to be with them all the time.” 

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